Volume 3: Regarding Squarespace

Christine and Valle take on DIY website builder Squarespace. Find out what works and what's tough from a UX perspective...


Volume 2.5: The Quest for the Best Online Drunk Shopping Experience

Christine and Valle tackle one of the biggest issues facing Americans today: finding a user-friendly website for drunk online holiday shopping.

Websites we review in this podcast:

Eddie Bauer

And, because it was unavoidable:


Volume 2: How to Beat the Q4 Blues

Christine and Valle have a case of the Q4 Blues. Find out how they make the most of downtime.


Volume 1: How to Survive 8 Usability Tests in 13 Weeks

Christine and Valle just came off a serious UX crash - eight different usability tests in 13 weeks. They've got some insights into staying on target and out of trouble.